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Our course supports students in both learning how to take themselves through the writing process and in how to write rich, expansive, varied and coherent sentences. Our full approach is grounded in evidence from research studies on SRSD and studies on how best to develop sentence level skills as well. 

SY2023-24 SRSD Live Zoom Hybrid Courses

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2024: Feb 15 & Mar 14 (Thursdays) 9:00 – 3:15 Est –
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Our Courses

SRSD for Writing

Learn the latest evidence-based practices for strengthening student writing, particularly for those who struggle. This course draws on approaches such as Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) as well as wider findings from research and current thinking in the field of literacy to guide you in building a community of writers who embrace the challenge of writing with success and joy. thinkSRSD’s course leaders have backgrounds primarily in special education and structured instruction. 


Learn approaches to teaching students the art of crafting beautiful sentences and how the grammatical choices they make can impact their readers’ experience, all grounded in the latest empirical research and thinking on how to teach sentence writing in curricular embedded ways.


Learn evidence-based practices that can turbo-charge your students’ close reading and overall reading comprehension. Learn the three most powerful practices for deepening meaning-making and critical thinking while engaging in reading comprehension and how to support agency in our readers.

About Us

thinkSRSD is the community of teachers and researchers who use and study SRSD. We offer SRSD in-person professional development and e-learning courses taught by teachers with decades of experience using SRSD. The teachers at thinkSRSD have taught SRSD courses for over 10 years, since offering the very first open enrollment course in SRSD in 2008.

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