As a thought leader in developing and scaling evidenced based writing instruction practices, thinkSRSD is the co-Principal Investigator on several federal research grants to scale SRSD that offer free professional development including stipends and free materials for schools.

Scaling Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) Research Study

We work with elementary schools (high needs) to participate in research studies to scale evidence-based instruction for writing. This research is funded by the US Department of Education, International Literacy Association, Learning Forward and other organizations that have supported our work in scaling SRSD across the nation.

Technology Support for Evidence- Based Writing Instruction: IES SBIR Research Study

We examined AI and technology supports for helping schools sustain SRSD over time.

About Us

  thinkSRSD is the community of teachers and researchers who use and study SRSD. We offer SRSD in-person professional development and e-learning courses taught by teachers with decades of experience using SRSD. The teachers at thinkSRSD have taught SRSD courses for over 10 years, since offering the very first open enrollment course in SRSD in 2008.

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