Gr 6-8 Science tasks

What’s in the Air & A Thin Blue Veil
Air Science Exemplar
Gr 6 Heat Convection Exemplar
Fountain of youth Task
Fountain of Youth Exemplar
Weather Pre Assessment Task
Weather Pre Exemplar
Science 7th and 8th 3rd SRSD Chemical and Physical Changes
Earth Sci Wind Power Task & Exemplar
Electric Current Depends on ResistanceGrade7 (1)
Cut and Grow – Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
Elements Compounda & Mixtures
Heat Transfer Prompt – 2
See pg 49 in PDF: Invasive speciesExemplar
Cut and Grow – Layers of the Earth
What Are Photosynthesis and Respiration
Plant and Animal Cell Writing Activity + Exemplar
Grade 7 Sleep Task Texts
Phase Changes Prompt
Gr 7 Zoo Task comp.contrast + Exemplar 
Gr 8 Electricity Paragraph Task + Exemplar
Gr 8 Cloning Task + Exemplars
Science electricity Sally prompt with exemplar
Science 8 SRSD Mass, Volume, and Density Prompt
WEMS 7th Grade Water Density Lab
WEMS 8th Grade Arm Span and Height relationship reading and lab

Gr 7-9 Social Studies / History Texts

Gr 7 Cell Phone Use
Gr7 ChechnyaTextsExemplar
Hammurabi’s Code
Gold Rush task from Parcc +  Exemplar
Gr 7 Harriet Tubman Task
Burncoat middle _Harriet Tubman_ grade 7 #2 ex SCORED
Gr 8 Syria Task + Exemplar
Gr 9 Drop Bomb + Exemplar
Gr 9 Industrial Revolution Task


Gr 7 Gettysburg Address Prompt


SRSD for math P.O.W. 2017-8 Math

MS / HS Literature

Gr 12 Just Mercy and Caged Bird Exemplars

The Lottery Exemplar

Gr 10 Dream Push & Dreams Exemplar

Gr 10 Dream and Goal Exemplar 1 AT

Gr 10 Dream & Goal Exemplar

Gr 9 Of Mice & Men Essay

MDG (Most Dangerous Game) Exemplar Mood Essay

MDG 1 Paragraph Exemplar Mood

Gr 9 Of Mice & Men Essay

Gr 8 Student Essay TKM (To Kill Mockingbird) – Racism Affects All (Weaker)

Gr 8 MA State TKM Exemplar

Gr 8 Sound of Summer Running Exemplar Level 5a

Gr 8 Outsiders Bored Broke Essay

Eleven exemplar

Gr 6 ER and Rose Concrete Exemplar

Gr 8 Flowers for Alderon Essay

Gr 7 Grapes of Wrath film v. book Exemplars

Gr 7 Grapes of Wrath film v. book opening of chapter 9

Gr 7 Drones Eye in Sky and Giver Exemplar