So glad you are interested in learning evidence-based strategies for teaching writing.

As next steps, if you have registered for an SRSD course – you will receive a book about SRSD in the mail with chapters on each big idea, step by step lesson plans and all the resources you need to get started. 

Your book should arrive within a week. We will send it to the address you entered when you bought it, unless you’d like it sent elsewhere.

If you are taking the asynchronous eLearning course, we recommend over-viewing the book before beginning to use the eLearning course. When your book arrives, please send an email and we will give you login codes for the eLearning.

If you are taking a live, virtual course, please review the book before the course and have it on hand when the course begins.

If you have registered for the gist / sentences workshop, we will reach out soon!


Leslie Laud

Director, thinkSRSD