Who We Serve

Researchers studying SRSD have done wonderful studies in schools that grow and enhance our knowledge of SRSD. thinkSRSD takes a different approach. We work to embed SRSD into the fabric of school culture. The schools listed below have all worked over the years exclusively with thinkSRSD via blended learning to adopt SRSD school-wide.

thinkSRSD’s Special Education Focus

SRSD was developed to be used with students with disabilities, though research quickly demonstrated – SRSD helps all students. Below are thinkSRSD’s partners that focus on special populations.

Specialized schools

– Laurel School, CA – Cove School, Ill – Currey Ingram, TN – Lang School, NY – Putney School, VT – Prentice Hollow, TX

special & general education focused partnerships


thinkSRSD’s Global Partners

As SRSD has been shown effective with all students, thinkSRSD partners widely with general education schools as well. We bring special attention to these collaborations to ensure that students who struggle receive the support they need, while instruction is also differentiated for strong writers so they are challenged to rise to the heights they can as well. Below are our general education partnerships:


– Great Barrington, MA

– Lee, MA

– North Adams, MA

– Hatfield MA

– Wayland, MA


– Worcester, MA

– West Boylston, MA

– Hopkinton, MA

– Brookline, MA

– Weymouth, MA

– Carver, MA

– Holden, MA


– Andover Montessori, MA


– Prospect, CT – Rochester, NH – ConVal, NH – Juneau, AK – Washington, DC – Green Bay, WI – Elmwood, WI – Oregon, WI – Wilmette, WI – Marshall, WI – Jeffco, CO – Eagle Hill, CO – St Vrain, CO – Nyack, NY – Cumberland, RI – Ripley, TN


– Manhattan Field Support, NY

– Friends School, NY

– Ethical Culture School, NY

– Hunter College G&T, NY

– Children First Network, NY

– Evolved Education, NY

– Nyack, NY

– Las Angeles, CA

– Atlanta, GA

– Saint Louis, MO

– Over 50 NYC DOE Schools

– 40,000 teachers across Tennessee


Scotland Australia England France Bahamas  
  Saudi Arabia Spain New Zealand India United Arab Emirates

Partner Organizations

The Reading Institute, MA Hill for Literacy, MA Literacy Partners, MA MABIDA, MA NJIDA, NJ Middle Tennessee State University, TN Everyone Reading, NY  

thinkSRSD’s Latest News

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Show Off When You Show Up!

Show Off When You Show Up!

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Teach SRSD Virtually

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Embed Sentence Lessons

Embed Sentence Lessons

You’ve all seen writing from students who struggle at the sentence (syntax/grammar) level – full of fragments, run ons, missing punctuation, unclear ideas etc. Are you wondering what the most powerful, evidence-based and time-efficient approaches are for supporting...