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At thinkSRSD, we post gains from every district implementing think SRSD fully. We guarantee that if you implement think SRSD, you will see empowered, happier writers and significant gains. SRSD shows gains in empirical research studies, while think SRSD takes the next step of ensuring you see those gains translate to your unique setting and result in ELA increases. Data below is not from SRSD studies, but from actual schools that have received our professional development and ongoing support as well as having taken part in our national support network. 


Average State Assessment Gains with thinkSRSD

West Virginia Department of Education

thinkSRSD supported 140 coaches from all districts across the state of WV in 2017 in learning SRSD. They then brought SRSD back to their schools. thinkSRSD also returned to support over 50 schools with ongoing embedded learning support. With thinkSRSD’s support, a significant number of counties in WV now use SRSD in classrooms, and have reported some of the highest gains on the state assessment in WV. 

State of Massachusetts

thinkSRSD currently supports dozens of schools in adopting SRSD in MA state. Every school that implemented and sustained SRSD has seen gains on MCAS – that state assessment given. See the spotlight on Worcester, MA below.

Colorado Springs, D49

Colorado Springs rolled out think SRSD to 140 early pilot teachers during the 2019-20 school year, then brought another 100 during 2020-21 because of the significant gains teachers reported seeing in student writing in Year 1. D49 continues to partner with think SRSD now, with several schools expanding from piloting the approach to using a full school adoption now. 

Worcester, MA

Worcester, New England’s 2nd largest urban district, partnered with thinkSRSD for 8 years to expand SRSD from one initial pilot school to all schools. All implementing schools made significant gains on state assessments. When the full city adopted the approach in 2018, they raised the scores of over 3,000 students on the state assessments, and saw the highest gains of all equivalent major MA urban districts in the state. 

Tennessee State

thinkSRSD supported 200 core coaches in learning SRSD. They then re-delivered this learning to literacy specialists across the state, who then each brought SRSD back to their schools. With thinkSRSD’s support, the full state of TN now uses SRSD in 40,000 classrooms and has maintained being the “fastest improving” state on NAEP.

Read about TN complete turn around after rolling out thinkSRSD’s professional learning in 2014: Click here

Rhode Island Department of Education

RIDE (Rhode Island Department of Education) currently offers SRSD learning to all schools across the state at no cost, due to the significant gains achieved in Cumberland, RI and the schools (i.e. Goff Middle School) in Pawtucket that have seen extraordinary growth since adopting in SRSD in 2014, and 2018. 

Connecticut State Department of Education

Through the Hill for Literacy partnership with University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education, thinkSRSD has supported 90 core coaches in learning SRSD. They then re-delivered this learning to teachers in their schools. 


Juneau, AK

thinkSRSD supports many schools, like Juneau, entirely remotely. Teachers view our e-Learning SRSD course, follow a timeline of embedded monthly learning activities, including scoring writing together, hold regular web calls and email as needed. Juneau has nearly doubled gains in student writing at some grade levels, from just September through December.

Michigan State

thinkSRSD currently supports, through blended ‘in-person’ workshops and online support, dozens of schools in Michigan in rolling out SRSD. Initial classroom data shows improvements of over 200% gains.

New York City D.O.E., NY

Following significant gains in schools using SRSD over the past few years in NYC, NYC DOE now has a full time SRSD Coordinator partnering with thinkSRSD to bring SRSD to schools throughout the city.

“Best Professional Development in a 30 year career”

-Deb Rude, Curriculum Coordinator, Cumberland, RI

“Tennessee teachers reporting being ‘blown away’  by gains in student writing”

-Education Week


Hal Hensler, Director, The Laurel School, San Fransisco, CA

“In my 20 years of education experience, I have never seen any set of strategies get the results we are getting with SRSD so quickly.”

Kimberly Saunders, Assistant Superintendent, ConVal School District

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thinkSRSD is proud to offer its services to a rapidly growing number of schools across the globe!




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Originally created for struggling students, research quickly demonstrated that SRSD lifts the quality of all student writing.  We offer courses that support both general education and special education teachers so colleagues can collaborate and students can receive beautifully aligned instruction.




Special Education Schools

  • Cove School, IL
  • Laurel School, CA
  • Prentice Hollow, TX
  • Currey Ingram Academy, TN
  • Lang School, NYC
  • Putney School, VT
  • Charles Armstrong School, CA





General & Special Education
Partnership Projects

  • NYC DOE Inclusion Networks
  • Worcester Schools, MA
  • Michigan TBA-ISD


"Children of all capabilities are able to be successful. students on IEP's succeed. stronger writers are challenged."


"I turned these children who were afraid of writing into students who wanted to write every day!"



"I've seen the good writers become better, and the reluctant writers attempt writing more..."


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thinkSRSD is the community of teachers and researchers who use and study SRSD. We offer SRSD in-person professional development and e-learning courses taught by teachers with decades of experience using SRSD. The teachers at thinkSRSD have taught SRSD courses for over 10 years, since offering the very first open enrollment course in SRSD in 2008.

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